Events and Team Building

The forthcoming of mobile applications which guides attendees in an event is the new talk of the town (sportog moro). This minimizes human involvement in making an attendee familiar with the different programs and the workshops going on. Here in this write up you will find out how mobile app for events helps attendees.

Event apps are your portable assistant when you decide to go to a workshop where multiple activities are going on at the same time. It gives an overview of all the scheduled activities which are supposed to take place during the tenure ( The app is more like a digital index or agenda which would come handy to you.

  • As an event hosts several workshops at the same time, it’s important for the attendee to know which one is taking place at which location. Assisted by GPS activity, the app shows the map of the program. Attendees then can easily make the move and reach the section of the event which they are interested in.
  • As gamification elements are introduced in the apps by the makers, attendees never get bored with the ongoing event. Time and again interactive stuff come up which gets attendees more involved and makes them feel that they too are a part of the program.
  • Event apps feature live question and answer where attendees can get their doubts cleared with ease. It saves time in collecting the questions and doubts of all the attendees. Just by logging into the app one can put up the questions and the speaker can check them out all at one time.
  • The social wall which the app consists of allows attendees to post related media items on it. These increase attendee involvement.
  • Mobile app for events helps the attendees to create a personal agenda for a particular program. One might not be interested in all the conferences and workshops taking place. He might also like to attend the seminars of his favorite speakers. Now all these can be organized within the app. Personalized notifications and alerts can also be created for notifying the attendee.
  • Real-time polls are also offered by the event apps. Attendees can make their opinion count by participating in them. This in return also allows the hosts to understand the true pulse of the ongoing event.

Heart of the Matter

Mobile application for events discards the opportunity of a physical help desk. Attendees don’t have to make a queue in front of the desk behind others and wait for their turn to collect the booklet/agenda and get their questions answered ( The app is a one stop assistant for everything you need to know about the event which you are going to attend.

Event apps are nowadays considered to be a very hand tool which you can have it on your smartphone. It’s easy to download from the play store and the installing process is also quite easy. On top of that, it doesn’t occupy too much of space on the device in which it is installed.